Congratulations to the winners of the WeldItForward Student Contest—Maple Mountain High School and Pickens Technical College!


Months of hard work, determination and a desire to Weld It Forward have paid off, and these teams have earned $20,000 in equipment for their school welding programs. You can see their pictures and videos below, and learn more about why they chose these projects and how they were used to help others.


Thank you to all of the schools that participated in this year's contest and continue to Weld It Forward in their communities and around the world! 

High School Winning Team: Maple Mountain High School—Spanish Fork, Utah

The team at Maple Mountain High School wanted to create a project that would help others outside of their welding program and school. The result is three identical tables that were given to families in Mexico by team members on a humanitarian trip in December. After rejecting a “simple” design, the team created the tables to have a curved base and hexagon tabletop. Extra features added to the tables include a Lazy Susan, candlestick holder and trivets to protect the surface from hot pots and pans.

Students—Ladd Davis, Sam Christmas, Wyatt Justensen, Nathan Wright, Brian Workman
Instructor—Jared Massic

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Secondary School Winning Team: Pickens Technical College—Aurora, Colorado

Pickens Technical College used Phase 2 to help one of their own. Welding student Noah Williams was paralyzed in a car accident last year, but is back in the shop and pushing himself to do what he is capable of. The team decided to build a new ramp for Noah’s home to replace the rough, plywood ramp hastily put together after the accident. The new ramp helped the team achieve its goal—to fabricate something that truly makes somebody’s life easier.

Students— Noah Williams, Cristopher Galvin and  Max Thursby
Instructor—Jeff Oliver

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