High School Entries:

Carroll County Career and Technology Center—Westminster, Maryland

Carroll County Career and Technology Center wanted to use Phase 2 to build something that could promote the welding program to future students. The team decided to make a grill with a custom top and cart. They were even able to work with other programs in the school to finish the project. Special features include unique grill shelves, napkin holders and bolts for utensil storage.

Students— Corbon Foels, Fletcher Frotton, Madelynn McClester, Dalton Yingling, Michael Green
Instructor—Michael Schweinsberg

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Kutztown Area High School—Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Kutztown Area High School’s team used the project to inspire future classes and help create positive and productive introductions into welding and cutting. Students will now have a fully-functional welding station to use in the lab. The new table is designed to allow users to easily secure, grind, weld and cut without having to move to other areas around the lab. Features include a movable Stick electrode holder, Movable MIG gun holder and rotatable tool tray.

Students— Yacenia Acevedo, Madison Keiser, Kain Cavalier, Matthew Bertsch, Michael Hill
Instructor—Zachary Rudy

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Maple Mountain High School—Spanish Fork, Utah

The team at Maple Mountain High School wanted to create a project that would help others outside of their welding program and school. The result is three identical tables that were given to families in Mexico by team members on a humanitarian trip in December. After rejecting a “simple” design, the team created the tables to have a curved base and hexagon tabletop. Extra features added to the tables include a Lazy Susan, candlestick holder and trivets to protect the surface from hot pots and pans.

Students—Ladd Davis, Sam Christmas, Wyatt Justensen, Nathan Wright, Brian Workman
Instructor—Jared Massic

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Secondary School Entries:

Shawnee Community College—Ullin, Illinois

The team at Shawnee Community College incorporated creativity into their project for Phase 2. The eye-catching feature is an owl holding a snake in its beak, but this sculpture has many small details. Designs include a flower, mushrooms, insects, a hummingbird, bent leaves and the use of a TIG rod for the snake’s rattle. The rustic look was completed by rusting, sandblasting and coating techniques.

Students—Patrick Neader, Dylan Boston, Elijah Boren, Brooklyn Duckworth
Instructor—Randy Lingle
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Pickens Technical College—Aurora, Colorado

Pickens Technical College used Phase 2 to help one of their own. Welding student Noah Williams was paralyzed in a car accident last year, but is back in the shop and pushing himself to do what he is capable of. The team decided to build a new ramp for Noah’s home to replace the rough, plywood ramp hastily put together after the accident. The new ramp helped the team achieve its goal—to fabricate something that truly makes somebody’s life easier.

Students— Noah Williams, Cristopher Galvin and  Max Thursby
Instructor—Jeff Oliver

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San Bernardino Valley College—San Bernardino, California

The Wolverine Welding Club at San Bernardino Valley College created a way for students of their school to “shout their dreams.” The result is a 9-foot megaphone that will be displayed on campus. Parts from the ESAB project kit were used to add an arrow, satellite dish with antenna and a spring person called Sir Migs-a-lot.

Students—Dulce Benavides, Alex Diaz, Edgar Ramirez, Mynor Pablo and Jasmine Hernandez.
Instructor—Bryce Cacho

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